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Thursday, February 22, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions
Do you deal in GMOs?

No, Easeed doesn't deal with GMO products

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Do you have a branch / branches outside Kenya?

We have full fledged branches in Arusha – Tanzania and Kampala in Uganda with operations in other neighboring countries such as Ethiopia, Eritrea, DRC, Burundi and Rwanda

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Do you participate in Agricultural trainings and other trade fairs?

Yes, We take part in Trainings, both local and International Agricultural shows and Trade fairs.

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How do you sell your seeds?

We have appointed distributors in all major regions who help in distributing to small stockiest and farmer. We also do direct sales through our counters.

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Where can one get more information on your products?

We have two booklets – a growers’ guide and seed catalogue which contain information about our seeds, planting instructions, necessary agronomic practices various crops, required chemical, and fertilizers and so on. The booklets are available at our offices and with our distributors on request. You can also get in touch with our field agronomists in the regions

By visiting our website you will get to know more about us.

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Technical Question
Do you have a farm where you have your trials?

We have a fully equipped company farm (over 200 acres) in Thika area for all trials, post controls, grow out tests to ensure quality products are availed to the market at all times.

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How do you test your Seeds?

We have a fully equipped lab with highly trained personnel on Seed Quality analysis.

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How does one know that your Seeds are Certified?

Every lot of Seeds we sell is Certified by KEPHIS (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service) and a Germination Certificate issued to us. A customer may ask for a copy of the same for verification purposes.

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Where do you get your seeds from?

Every lot of Seeds we sell is Certified by KEPHIS (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service) and a Germination Certificate issued to us. A customer may ask for a copy of the same for verification purposes.

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Where is packaging for your products done?

We have a fully equipped factory with an ultra – modern seed processing plant and packaging for all seeds.

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Why would you advise me to use Easeed products?

Because we offer high quality seeds in high quality packs and are available in different pack sizes. Our prices are always competitive and will give you value for money. Our responsiveness towards customer requests / questions is quick, efficient and conclusive

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Sale Questions
Do you have a price list for your products?

Yes we have a price list for all our products which is reviewed from time to time.

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What are the various Packs of Seeds that you Sell?

We pack seeds in 10gm, 25gm, 50gm, 100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1Kg and 25Kg. Small sachets of vegetable seed packed in heat sealed moisture proof packets are also available for all varieties. However, special packs may be done according to the customer requirements. For cereal packing is 1Kg, 2Kg, 10Kg or 25Kg respectively.

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What do you sell?

We sell all ranges of: Vegetable Seeds, Hybrids and Open Pollinated, Cereals, Agricultural Tools & Equipments, Agrochemicals, Sprayers, Fertilizers and Seed Dressers.

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How do you deliver your goods to customers?

We have a very effective delivery system through registered courier companies which offer both day and over night services for quick delivery, mainly within 24 hours

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How does one become a Stockiest or Distributor for your Products?

By trading with us for at least six months after which we assess customer’s credit worthiness. A credit facility application form is then filled and signed by the customer and submitted to our office for approval.You can apply online by filling the membership form on line.

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Purchase Questions
How do I purchase your products?

You can Visit any of our Retail outlets, call us, through our sales agronomists   through out all the regions.You can still place an order online.

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