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Thursday, February 22, 2018


Research & Development

BREEDING: It is the constant endeavour of EASEED research to line-up products with improved genetics, catering to ever changing demands of its customers.  The breeding process to improve genetics involves combining desired characteristics from chosen parents by crossing and subsequent inbreeding following effective selection. The present network of traditional breeding resources will over the planning period be supplemented with expanded resources for yield and quality. Ensuring the stabilization of improved traits for pure breeding in succeeding selfing process, new products are tested in replicated trials in different climatically zones for adaptation and expression of improved traits.   All these field activities are conducted by qualified and trained personnel, in company owned research facility at Silver Oak Farm, Thika close to Nairobi city.

Creating a new variety is a lengthy process, stretching 8 to 10 years.  Information collected from market by company sales agronomists and product development personnel, is the basis for future product requirement(s).  This requirement intitates a breeding project with the collected genetically diverse germplasm in each crop of interest.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION: Most important activity to realize the improved genetics is effective field testing to determine adaptation to a particular segment targeted for commercialization.  EASEED Product Development and testing division fulfill this requirement by conducting multi-location yield trials with suitable commercial checks in statistically approved field designs and layouts.  Performance of new entries in comparison to existing checks is evaluated in replicated trials to determine superiority of the new genetics in totality – quantitatively as well as qualitatively.  Decisions are made to release the new variety based on quantum jumps to stake holder in terms of productivity and profitability, per unit area.

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