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Thursday, February 22, 2018


Seed Production

EASEED has a well developed multiplication program carried out under standardized and internationally acceptable conditions, involving progressive local growers and international seed companies all over the world.

Production of genetically pure pedigree seeds under scientific principles is a demanding task, which is strictly supervised by our highly trained professional staff. This also applies to reproduction of standard grade seeds from certified IV grade to standard, and standard to standard grades to get pure cultivars.

The local seed production is done on contract terms, and the company upgrades skills of eligible growers through training on technical basis in production. There is close supervision by both EASEED and Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS) seed inspectors, who are the national seed regulatory authority, to monitor genetic and cultivar purities of pedigree and standard seed grades. All field inspections are undertaken in conformity with I.S.T.A rules and only seed which meets the standards is certified.

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