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Thursday, February 22, 2018


System Administrator

System Administrator


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We are currently RECRUITING the following positions:



Sales and collections - Agriscope.

Promotions and business developments for Agriscope.

BSC. In Agriculture or related field. 

5 years’ experience in a growing Agro company in Kenya. 



Shop counter sales - (Seeds & Agro)

Certificate / Diploma in Agriculture.

Must have worked in an Agro business for 2 years minimum. 



Assist the breeder in handling of breeding material.

Maintenance of breeding nurseries & trials in Kenya.

Minimum qualification of BSC Agriculture.

Experience in Maize research is an added advantage.



Assist the breeder in implementation of breeding plans,

Data analysis and management of both research human & equipment resources. 

Minimum of BSC Agriculture 

Experience on maize research an added advantage. 


PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH US AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you. 





EASEED, a regional Agro input company with expansive distribution network in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Zambia, last weekend, held it’s sixteenth annual Customers Event dubbed Top Customers Meet at their R&D farm in Thika. The event was attended by Seed Industry stakeholders and successful farmers from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi.

The attendees had the opportunity to view a wide range of crops – Maize, Vegetables, Herbs and Fodder grown with best Agronomic practices and also got trained. Crops were managed by pesticides, foliar fertilisers and plant growth regulators distributed by the company’s chemical division, Agriscope. Visitors were also taken through the farm’s Seed Nursery which grows seedlings on contract and distribute seedlings to farmers.

Group Managing Director, Jitu Shah, announced that the company has ventured into other African markets through their international brand, Syova, and opened operations in Zambia to serve the Southern Africa markets. Plans are underway to expand to other parts of Africa using Syova brand to distribute Seeds and Chemicals, with Agrochemical repacking unit commissioned recently in Kenya.

Mr. Jitu announced that the company has introduced new products in the market and through their in-house breeding program, the company has developed new seed maize Hybrids which includes Tosheka MH401 and Hodari MH501 which have shown exemplary performances in their respective ecological zones.

Mr Jitu announced that the company is now ISO 9001/2008 certified which enables the company to continue improving internal processes to serve their customers better.

Following current drought situation experienced across Africa, Mr. Jitu challenged stakeholders in agriculture sector to embrace technologies that are effective and quickly addresses food insecurity caused by drought. He further called on government agencies to consider easing regulatory policies that affect faster penetration of agricultural technologies, such as taxation etc.



Hybrid Squash Riziki Matures in 42-45 days, with dark green cylindrical smooth shape the fruits measure about 15-18 cm long. Having very good tolerance to mosac virus it can yield about 8 tons/acre the plant. 

Indeterminate Tomato Hybrid suitable for Green House Cultivation, can be harvested after 70 days after planting, weighing about 110-120 kgs, it is also tolerant to TYLCV and Bacterial wilt. if planted well you can yield between 60-70 tone/acre.

As part of Easeed Extension service,  Easeed took part in training of farmers on good farming practices and how farming can bring in more returns. In attendance was Easeed Managing Director Mr. Jitu Shah.

Matures in 65-70 days with oval shaped fruits weighing about 3 kgs,has dark green flesh with deep red cripsy and firms fruit. it also has high TSS 13-14 % also suitable for long distance during transportation.

New Hybrid Cabbage Bora F1

Matures within 100 days, has wider adaptability (good heat and cold tolerance) with very compact and dense heads weighing about 5-6 kgs, also has high tolerance to disease like Black rot.

It now availble with our stokists in the region. 





Easeed is proud to have taken part of just concluded Nakuru County(Kenya) Agricultural Show of Kenya. At the event, Easeed showcased some of its products range from it early maturing Maize hybrids Hodari F1, tosheka F1, drought torelant Ahadi F1, in Vegetable range we had Cabbage Fanaka F1, Cabbage Baraka F1,collards Mfalme F1, in onion range we had Red Queen F1, Red Max F1 and many more.