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  • Research and Development

    Research and Development

  • Getting Every Seed to Grow

    Getting Every Seed to Grow

  • Tomorrows fruit is in Today

    Tomorrows fruit is in Today's seed

  • Over 40 Years Seed Production

    Over 40 Years Seed Production

  • Building trust relationships and prosperity

    Building trust relationships and prosperity

  • Your Growth Our Seed

    Your Growth Our Seed

  • Cultivating Every Seed

    Cultivating Every Seed


Easeed Activities

Easeed Activities

Easeed has a responsibility to educating its farmers on adoption of improved crop technologies, through our qualified skilled field staff...

Corporate social Responsibilities

Corporate social Responsibilities

Sustainability will always be integral to EASEED business endeavors. This is reflected in our continued commitment to deliver shared value...

Maize Hybrid Hodari ( MH501)

Maize Hybrid Hodari ( MH501)

Launching Hodari (MH501) - Ideal Maize Hybrid for the medium altitude(1100-1900 metres) Excellent yield: 30-35 bags/acre White semi-dent grains Drooping...

Maize Hybrid Ahadi (WE 1101)

Maize Hybrid Ahadi (WE 1101)

Drought Tolerant Maize hybrid Ahadi ( WE 1101) now available Low to medium altitude (1000-1600) White semi-dent grains Yield potential:...

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A system has been put in…
Research & Development
BREEDING: It is the constant endeavour…
Corporate Social Responsibility
EASEED believes in the commitment to…
Seed Production
EASEED has a well developed multiplication…
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Easeed is a one stop shop tailored to…
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Agriscope (Africa) Limited is the Agro-chemicals division of…
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Get all your fresh vegetables from our farm…
Easeed, with continued support of our experienced seed…
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